Brewery & Beverage

Carbon filtration, Water softeners, Ultrafiltration, Reverse osmosis, Electrodeionization, Final filtration, UV disinfection, Media replacement service, CIP (clean-in-place) service.

Laboratories: Clinical & QC

Central lab water units, Analyzer feed, Point-of-use systems, Ultrapure polishers, System disinfection, ELGA equipment.

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic

Carbon filtration, Water softeners, Reverse osmosis, Electrodeionization, UV Disinfection, Final filtration, Loop design, CIP (clean-in-place) service, Media replacement service.

Manufacturing & Production

Carbon filtration, Water softeners, Purified water piping and distribution, Reverse osmosis, Service deionization, tank exchange programs, Media replacement service.

Commercial & Residential

Water softeners, Carbon filters, Everpure filters, Ice maker filters, Coffee machine filters, Consumable sales.

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